About Us

Welcome to L A Raceway! In LaMonte, Missouri we’ve built a 3/8 mile racing track. The track is a semi-banked clay oval. Additionally, the track is 90 feet wide. On the front straightaway, we’ve structured a safety wall for spectators. Behind the spectators, the pit area resides. After each week, we update our website to reflect the weekend activities. If you’re interested in our news, then you can click here.


At L A Raceway, we offer seating for 3000 people. While this is quite large, we offer adequate parking too. We’ve constructed a parking lot between the highway and the track. We’re devoted to being a great raceway, so we host a full concession stand too. If you’d like to bring a personal size cooler, then you are more than welcome. However, please leave glass containers at home!


Throughout this website, we may use pictures we didn’t take. If we use any of your pictures, then please let us know if we may continue using them. We are SOLELY using them for educational purposes. We want to continue the legacy of L A Raceway.